Transform your flexible office with Join™, the only digital workspace platform.

Join is a turnkey digital platform designed for the needs of today’s flexible offices and digital workforce. From terabit internet, to unified communications, to on-demand conferencing, our platform delivers a secure, all-in-one technology infrastructure and curated digital experience. You bring the workspace, Join makes it digital.

Get Join for Flexible Offices See why Join is better

As more companies move to flexible offices, Join delivers a true plug-and-play experience tenants expect.

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought—your tenants expect more than a public Wi-Fi experience. Join provides every tenant with enterprise-grade security, performance, and digital services, ensuring a curated digital experience.

Secure, dedicated, scalable connectivity per tenant
Curated unified communications, collaboration and business tools
Private connectivity between offices, clouds and colocations
Powerful API for consistent user exprience and tenant management

Get hassle-free, instant productivity. Join digital workspaces are fully managed,
from technology curation to back office support.

Curate all digital services, amenities and experience.
Install connectivity, applications and hardware.
Deliver ongoing support, on-site and on-demand.

The digital workspace companies love, a 360° digital experience to keep them happy.

Terabit Connectivity.

No more ISP contracts—Join provides fast, secure connectivity that tenants can scale on-demand. Each tenant receives dedicated, faster-than Gigabit speeds to connect directly to cloud platforms, services and the internet more reliably than ever before, with built-in cybersecurity defense.

  • Secure Wireless and Wired Access
  • Scalable Gigabit Internet
  • Cloud and Data Center Direct Connect
  • 5G Ready

Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Tenants expect instant productivity from day one—our digital workspace platform gives tenants a plug-and-play experience with an entire suite of unified communications, video conferencing, interactive meeting and virtual spaces, and business productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Interactive Conference/Meeting Spaces
  • Digital Phone, Voice and Messaging
  • 8K- and VR-enabled Workspaces

Digital Office Services.

Attract tenants with enterprise-level office services—we deliver a complete line of digital office services that any enterprise tenant and small office tenant would need from their flexible office environment. Rest even easier with our IT networking services and on-demand technical support.

  • Networked Printers, Scanners and Copiers
  • Corporate IT Networking Services
  • On-demand Technical Support

Back Office Support.

For a complete experience, we provide managed operations of your entire back office operations, from member management to facilities management, to managing your entire infrastructure. We offer the only truly turnkey digital workspace solution for your flexible office.

  • Managed and Staffed Day-to-Day Operations
  • Member Management, including Onboarding, Billing and Contracts
  • Facility and Space Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management