Secure, high performance digital experience for your members

Enterprises want superior performance and security for their employees

Enterprise Flexible Office is the fastest growing segment

The Enterprise Flexible Office segment focuses on enterprises looking for 1 to 3-year lease terms, and supports variable size private offices for smaller teams, up to entire floors to serve hundreds of employees. Enterprise Flexible Offices often replicate a remote version of the home office, so secure, high performance digital services are critical.

Flexible Office Market Dynamics

Flexible space operators want to attract high value clients to Enterprise Flexible offerings, but typically don’t have advanced networking and cybersecurity staff in house.

Join improves Flexible Space Operator bottom line

Flexible Space Operators want to demonstrate a tech-forward digital strategy.

  • Price – Flexible workspaces with an advanced technology infrastructure command higher rates
  • Retention – Flexible office members in flexible offices with secure, high performance technology infrastructure are more satisfied and less likely to leave
  • Churn – Higher retention reduces churn and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Brand and Reputation – Satisfied members and lower churn helps drive improvements in brand and reputation

Join-Ready flexible offices deliver tech forward, high performance member digital services.

Join manages and monitors all of your secure, high performance member digital services. You benefit from improved security, brand image, financial and sustainability results.
  • Deliver high performance data and internet services
  • Provide private network to every member
  • Offer tiers of role-based services to meet specific member needs
  • Build member retention & satisfaction

Join Portal

Create customized, branded, high quality digital experiences for your members

Join ReadyNet

Leverage a national/global private internet to deliver secure member services across a flex portfolio

Join Extended Services

Offer your members additional customized, scalable, secure, digital services

Why Join...

  • Multiple go-to-market options to meet specific requirements of Flexible office operators
  • Join-Ready Flexible office solutions offer instant, scalable individual productivity on demand
  • Join manages and maintains the network. No resources required from the Flexible office operator
  • Members login, choose the appropriate service tier and get to work
  • Flex members instantly configure, change and assign new services on demand

Discover Join for the Enterprise Flexible Office
Digital Services On Demand

Join provides secure, high speed data and internet “As-a-Service” to flexible office operators, customers and members of Enterprise Flexible Offices.

Complete Solution. Join provides everything from the network infrastructure to delivering and supporting all digital services.
On-Demand. Instantly scale individual digital services as needed. Monthly per-person billing, change anytime.
Security First. The Join private network keeps your data secure from end to end.

Member Digital Services for the Enterprise Flexible Office

Ready to Use... Zero Tear-Outs

Join installs ReadyNet and maintains all digital services:

  • By Suite, Company, or Member
  • No tear out or re-install when companies vacate
  • New companies move in, and members are immediately productive

Increase Income & Gross Margins

  • Improve lease rates
  • Reduce tenant technology concessions
  • Position Flexible office offerings as Technology Forward
  • Multiple branding options available

Instant Productivity

  • Members access a secure, high performance network
  • No hardware
  • No ISP contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No support or maintenance