The secure digital workspace experience

Join ReadyNet

Designed, owned and operated by Join, the ReadyNet suite of digital services is the only purpose-built private cloud network for property owners, flex operators, and customers in commercial office buildings.

Run your building or co-working space with the confidence that you're delivering the best experience to your customers, throughout your portfolio.


State of the art security starts in our private cloud and continuously protects each building on the Join network and every user of the Join ReadyNet digital service.


Bits and bandwidth are not a scarce resource. The Join ReadyNet infrastructure enables instant and burstable speeds and bandwidth to meet your most demanding requirements.

Resilience & Redundancy

Join ReadyNet is built around resilience and redundancy. Join ensures the continued productivity of your team by ensuring redundant connections to the building, floor and access points.


From the datacenter to every wireless access point, Join meets the strict regulatory compliance requirements for the delivery of digital services.


From terabit scale building connectivity to burstable on demand per user bandwidth, ReadyNet provides unparalleled digital connectivity experience to our users.

Terabit Connectivity

No more ISP contracts – Join delivers fast, secure connectivity that scales on-demand. Join can deliver dedicated, faster-than Gigabit speeds (with built-in Cybersecurity) to each tenant.

  • Secure Wireless and Wired Access
  • Scalable Gigabit Internet
  • Cloud and Data Center Direct Connect

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Customers expect instant productivity from day one—the Join ReadyNet digital workspace gives customers a plug-and-play experience with an entire suite of unified communications, video conferencing, interactive meeting and virtual spaces, and business productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Interactive Conference/Meeting Spaces
  • Digital Phone, Voice and Messaging
  • VR-enabled Workspaces

Digital Office Services

Property Owners and Flex Operators attract and retain customers with Join’s enterprise-level digital office services. We deliver a complete line of services that both enterprise and small office customers need, while also supporting and maintaining the solutions.

  • Networked Printers, Scanners and Copiers
  • Private Network Connections to Cloud Services
  • Building Access Control
  • On-demand Technical Support

Back Office Support

Join manages all back office digital services operations from the moment a new customer is signed to either a traditional or Flex office lease. Join delivers the only truly turnkey digital workspace solution.

  • Member Management (Onboarding, Billing and Contracts)
  • Managed and Staffed Day-to-Day Operations
  • IT Infrastructure Management