Join-Ready Offices

Complete, secure, high performance digital services

Instant and sustained productivity

Instantly access a comprehensive suite of digital services over a secure private network

  • Ensure your customers get the services they need on demand
  • Eliminate ISP negotiation headaches
  • Delight your customers with secure high performance services
  • Offer personalized services to meet customer and individual needs

How Does Join Work?

Join is building a private internet to keep your data secure.

Each building that Joins the network becomes part of this secure, private platform. Enterprises access services they need through this private internet. Users access public web sites and other public internet services through the cybersecurity in our private cloud.

Join provisions, manages, and monitors the entire digital services infrastructure in all Join-Ready buildings and the Join private cloud.

Data enters Join-Ready buildings through a secure, redundant, high performance private network.

Each Join customer enjoys their own secure, private network.

The entire Join network is software-defined and instantly configurable per user.

Working in a Join-Ready Building

Tenants login to their own private network

Instantly add, change or delete services

Per person, per month billing, no long term contracts